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Gadget Factory returns to The Big Bang Fair

Posted: 12 March 2019

Children fascinated by gadgets and how things work will revel in Gadget Factory, sponsored by Siemens. This hands-on workshop allows 8-14 year-olds to delve into an engineer’s experience.

Back for a second year, the Touring Gadget Factory will visit Birmingham’s young scientist and engineer fair The Big Bang from 13–16 March. The visit to The Big Bang opens up opportunities for young engineers to get hands-on with circuitry and discover real-life skills needed for roles in this industry. 

Gadget Factory workshop is suitable for children and teenagers. After grasping the basics of creating an electronic circuit, participants then pick electronic components and use their skills to assemble their very own working electronic gadget to take home. After learning the secrets of soldering there is no end to the gadgets that can be made!

Attendees will learn gadgets are made from a combination of different components, identify the danger of electricity and how to use it safely, understand and describe how a circuit board works and gain knowledge of the function of batteries, capacitors, LEDs and transistors.

In 2018 Touring Gadget Factory visited four events across the UK and, together with Siemens volunteer staff, Edinburgh Science staff delivered the workshop to 746 young people aged 8-14 years old. Surveyed attendees gave Touring Gadget Factory either an eight, nine or ten out of ten for enjoyment, with 99% saying it would increase their interest in a career in engineering.