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Guest Blog: The Year of Young People 2018

Posted: 21 March 2018

2018 is Scotland’s Year of Young People – a fantastic opportunity to shine a spotlight on future generations. This year, we want to celebrate our young people, their creative talents, inspiring achievements, and valuable contributions. We want to hear their voices and ideas and we also want to give them new, exciting opportunities to learn and to shine.

For 30 years, Edinburgh International Science Festival has inspired the young and the young at heart to explore this world of wonders that we live in. The theme for this year’s festival Life, the Universe and Everything has a clear future focus and asks how science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) can help us sustain our planet for future generations.

Could there be a more fitting theme to celebrate the Year of Young People (YOYP 2018)?

The Science Festival are fully committed to embracing the year’s spirit by once again creating a fantastic programme of events which allows audiences of all ages to get up close and personal with STEM. Not only are they giving young people the opportunity to explore life, the universe and everything else, they have also established a brand new Youth Consultation Group who have helped shape the programme, including Existence: Life and Beyond, an amazing interactive exhibition at the National Museum of Scotland. With an awe-inspiring, record-breaking balloon sculpture at its centre, it will take you on a fascinating guided journey from the origins of life through to the future.

The Youth Consultation Group have also been hard at work developing a pop-up activity tying in with the exhibition which they will host during the second week of the festival – watch this space! YOYP 2018 is all about handing over the reins to young people, allowing them to learn, develop and be creative, ultimately shaping their own experiences – and setting them up for a bright future.

Come along and join the celebrations for Scotland’s Year of Young People 2018 at one of the many exciting events taking place at EISF this April and across the country over the coming months - for more information visit