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Programme launched for Abu Dhabi Science Festival

Posted: 17 October 2017

The 2017 programme is now live for the Abu Dhabi Science Festival! Edinburgh International Science Festival is the Programme Partner of the Abu Dhabi Science Festival, the Gulf Region’s largest science festival.


Edinburgh International Science Festival is the programming partner and content manager of Abu Dhabi Science Festival and has been since its foundation in 2011. The event is organised annually by the Abu Dhabi Department for Education and Knowledge (ADEK) and has attracted over half a million people since its inception with annual visitor numbers of 150,000 and 10,000 children on organised school visits. This year’s programme launched yesterday, 16 October with the Festival running from 9 until 18 November.

Edinburgh International Science Festival team:

  • helps curate, produce and deliver the rich and ambitious programme of the Abu Dhabi Science Festival, tailored to its audiences
  • manages the logistics around the design, purchasing and shipping of the Festival content and support the local team on site through the installation process
  • trains around 1000 students from local universities in Abu Dhabi to deliver engaging science events and workshops to the public
  • hires and trains over 40 team leaders supervising the content from the UK and UAE and further 50 companies from UAE and around the world to provide the content to the event
  • arranges all of the Front of House, ticketing and technical aspects of the Festival working alongside local partner, Flash Entertainment 


Simon Gage, Director of Edinburgh International Science Festival Ventures explained: "It is always a great pleasure to share what we know about staging world-beating science festivals and to learn from others along the way. This is why working with international partners is such a privilege and especially when it is one as ambitious as the Abu Dhabi Department for Education and Knowledge.

As the whole world seeks to engage young and old with science and technology what we have to offer becomes more and more valuable and we find the number of enquiries for partnerships keeps rising. Science festivals were invented in Edinburgh and the appetite for them is spreading to every corner of the world.

Through our involvement with the Abu Dhabi Science Festival we have gathered valuable experience in educating and entertaining the enthusiastic audiences of the Middle East. We see opportunities to work with people in many other parts of the world as the fundamental need to put science and technology back in to mainstream culture is one shared by everyone as we take on the 21st century.”