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Space for Everyone!

Posted: 16 March 2018

Some fascinating images of Jupiter crept into our news feeds last week as NASA’s Juno probe continues its discovery of the planet.

The probe’s latest discovery showcases just how deep the atmospheric winds are, some 3000km deep. If you haven’t seen the images yet, they’re well worth a look here.

Imagine being able to see this kind of thing in real life? It would definitely be one to jot down on a bucket list.

With a car in space now and an attempt to colonise Mars on the cards, who knows how far humans are going to be able to travel around our solar system eventually.

It’s a topic of particular interest to science writer and broadcaster Dallas Campbell, one he’s exploring during his talk about human space travel, Leaving Planet Earth.

Similarly, Scotland is currently bidding to create a new spaceport which will be capable of launching newly created vehicles into space. While the prices will probably be sky-high, science presenter Neil Monteiro and experts from the Scottish space industry will discuss how competition among space agencies could bring the cost down, and guesstimate how soon we may be able to see Earth from space. Check it out at Spaceflight on a Shoestring.

These talks are all part of the Edinburgh International Science Festival’s multitude of space, solar system and extra-terrestrial life events being held over two weeks from March 31-April 15.

We’ve got aliens galore from St Andrews University’s Get your hands off me you damned dirty alien!  If you’re handy with a camera A Snapshot of the Stars might be more up your alley as the talk delves into the intricacies of astrophotography and learning the best star-gazing spots from the experts.

There’s plenty of space for families too. Look Up! explores the science behind space exploration, discovering which planet is the hottest and which one would float in a swimming pool. Valentina’s Galaxy is an intergalactic experience for children five years and under celebrating women in space. Even more, Cosmos Planetarium takes your youngsters on an amazing voyage of discovery searching for extra-terrestrial life.

Space is pretty incredible, and these events are well worth a visit if you’re even the teensiest bit curious.