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Teacher Afternoon at Careers Hive

Posted: 25 November 2019

Announcing the second annual Teacher Afternoon at Careers Hive 2020.

Encourage your students to engage with STEM subjects and bring the 3-18 Careers Standard to life with a Teachers' Afternoon at the National Museum of Scotland, part of Careers Hive by Edinburgh Science Learning.

Careers Hive is an immersive event for S1-S3s to showcase the breadth of STEM careers and how choosing subjects in these areas expands horizons and opportunities. The week-long event brings around 3,000 students and their teachers through the doors at the National Museum of Scotland. Our Teachers Afternoon will build on this and provide activity ideas and discussions to take back to the classroom.

The afternoon is open to all teachers. Refreshments provided.

Register today!

About Careers Hive

Launched in February 2016, Careers Hive is an immersive careers education event designed to give students in S1-S3 a new way to think about their futures. It highlights the opportunities available to those who study STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering and maths), as well as the cross-disciplinary skills and subjects that can support and enhance STEM careers. Activities within the Grand Gallery are also open to the general public, further increasing the project’s reach.