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Our Impact

Every April, we run the educational, inspiring and fun Edinburgh Science Festival, packed full of amazing science activities, experiences, talks and exhibitions, for children and grown-ups.

“I really enjoyed the moment that you could see on a visitors face that the science you were explaining just sort of clicked into place, especially if it was then followed up by related questions and allowed them to fully engage with the content.” – Science Communicator, 2021 


Throughout the year, we visit thousands of primary school children across Scotland, bringing our hands-on, interactive Generation Science workshops to their classrooms. In 2021, we re-imagined these into all-in-one workshop boxes with expert guidance and support through videos.

“It was a fantastic experience which we all enjoyed. Everyone engaged with it and it exceeded my expectations of the learning experience that the box would provide.” – Teacher, 2021

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We inspire 3,000 teenagers at our immersive Careers Hive event, connecting them with STEM professionals and sparking their curiosity to work with STEM skills in their own futures. 

"I liked how different people shared their experiences. It was quite inspiring" – Pupil, 2021


We work with community partners to ensure everyone has the opportunity to participate and engage with our work. 

“We love coming up with new ideas and fresh perspectives to produce an inclusive and diverse programme that can inspire audiences our age.”  Youth Consultation Group member, 2020


We also deliver a portfolio of climate initiatives for businesses, to create a sustainable future for everyone. 

"Not only do I now have a plan, with action, I have confidence. I can talk to my suppliers about what we can do together – I know the questions to ask and it’s positive." – User of The Net Zero Toolkit, 2021