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Our approach focuses on personal interactions with Science Communicators, not on expensive objects. We create events where visitors of all ages do things for themselves, using real tools and materials to explore science and technology at their own pace, assisted by Science Communicators. Even our science shows are designed to maximise audience involvement.

We primarily make workshops, but also shows and exhibits. When we work with exhibits they are always supported by plenty of staff to enrich the visitor experience and we keep video and IT-based exhibits to a minimum, always preferring memorable interactions with real people rather than machines. Our belief in this way of working stems from the knowledge that a visitor’s interaction with a Science Communicator is open-ended and flexible; it can be tailored to the visitor’s interests and can communicate ideas that are sometimes complex with care.

All our work relies on talented, well-trained staff, and lots of them. A typical workshop for 30 people will involve between four and eight Science Communicators. Staff are selected by audition or interview and receive a minimum of three days Science Communication training, mentored by an experienced Team Leader, before the work with audiences.

As well as devising this highly engaging method of presenting events, we have learned how to deliver workshops, shows and exhibitions reliably, hour after hour, day after day, to large numbers of people at a consistent standard,


For your event we can select, provide and deliver a programme of workshops, shows and exhibits from our own portfolio and other highly regarded partners worldwide, assembling a balanced mix to suit your visitor profile.

Services we can provide include:

  • Adapting events and materials for local languages and cultures

  • Science Communication training for locally-recruited staff

  • Layout design for events

  • All elements of event production

  • Provision of key staff for all areas of event operation

  • Provision of marketing information

Partners will provide:

  • Marketing and PR to local audiences

  • Relationship management with local partners, sponsors and schools

  • Venues

  • Locally sourced production services

For more information please submit an enquiry using our online form.