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Sci-Ku Winners - Open category

Here are the winners and runners up from the open category of our 2015 Sci-Ku competition.

First prize:

My probable twin
Who went through the other slit
Interferes with me

Poem by: Adam Wilson
Judges comments: “Intriguing – make you want to understand a tricky concept.” “Absolutely lovely – scientifically and poetically.”

Second prize:

A trick of the light –
The mallard’s green head becomes
Purple in colour

Poem by: Juliet Wilson, Edinburgh
Judges comments: “Lovely encapsulated image. Fuses poetry, biology and physics.” “Beautiful – captures a moment that is recognisable to everybody and puts it neatly in scientific context.”

Third prize:

I grow, unfurl, live.
Sap rises in me, alive.
Light in my veins. Life.

Poem by: Keith Dumble, Edinburgh
Judges comments: “Vivid description of life and growth in plants – people sometimes forget they are alive.”

Runners up:

between clouds –
our perfect pinhole
catching the sun

Poem by: Jane McBeth, Castle Douglas
Judges comments: “Simple, but really good science.”

Voices in the dark
A strong light burnt and wet his eyes
To first cry, then breathe life

Poem by: Asimina Pantazi, Edinburgh
Judges comments: “Very original – an unusual take on the brief.”