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Science Communication Training

Science Communication is a broad field with a number of different definitions, but generally speaking it refers to generating understanding, awareness, enjoyment, interest or opinion about science.

The term refers to absolutely anyone trying to communicate a scientific message to any audience: scientists, governments, businesses, science centres, festivals, teachers, journalists, the list is almost never ending!

Each year, Edinburgh Science hires hundreds of science communicators. These are the people who deliver our workshops and shows and enhance our interactive exhibitions, bringing science engagement events alive by sparking public interest and interaction and encouraging discussion and debate. But this doesn’t happen by magic; these people need to be well trained and supported.


Training courses by Edinburgh Science

In the course of delivering our annual Science Festival, education tours and various international projects, we have developed a portfolio of training courses designed to equip science communicators, and those who support them, with the skills to excel in their roles. Our courses are led by UK experts in science communication with generous tutor to participant ratios to ensure understanding and a high quality experience. In line with our events development philosophy, all sessions are highly practical.

Key to all our courses is the importance of good communication skills and we focus on teaching participants how to use clear and understandable language with a defined purpose and hold an audience’s attention.

Click the button below for a list of all the training courses we run. To speak to us about how our programmes could meet your training needs, please contact us at +44 (0)131 553 0320 or

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