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Summer of Science

School may be out for summer and Edinburgh Science Festival 2021 may be over... but science stops for no-one! Here are some of our favourite events from this year's Festival that you can try out with the whole family over summer. 

Explore your local park or beach with Our Colourful Parks and Sensory Seashore Scrapbook, or enjoy one of our interactive kids workshops from the comfort of your own home – make sure you download the workshop guide in advance to get the most out of the activity.

Our Colourful Parks

Not only are parks important for our health and the health of a city, they're also full of colourful plants, animals and other creatures just waiting to be found!

Our Colourful Parks is a self-led trail for all the family that can be done in any urban green space. Download the guide and start exploring.

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Sensory Seashore Scrapbook

Explore coastal life in the most sensational way possible – using all your senses!

Sensory Seashore Scrapbook is a self-led trail for all the family that can be done on any part of the coast – in Scotland that's over 18,000km to choose from! Download the guide and start exploring.

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Ella's Wobble

Join Ella’s musical adventure through the wonderful world of sound. In this immersive storytelling journey you will explore how sound travels through the air, discover why some sounds are high and some are low and even create your own musical instrument!

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Little Giants

Despite their tiny size, bees are essential to the survival of the natural world, thanks to their crucial role in pollination.

Buzzy the giant honeybee leads you into the wonderful world of bees in this delightful, interactive show. Learn how a bee's body is different from ours and find out how bees and flowers work together in harmony.

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Speedy Sails

Join our team to design, build and test your very own land yacht: a special wheeled vehicle that uses sails to travel across ground. You'll consider how designing a project is about solving a problem. Through the workshop you'll explore the principles and roles of thrust, drag, friction and energy transfer in the world of motion. Engineering has never been this fun!

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Wild Vets

Take on the role of an animal conservationist in our totally wild workshop. Discover more about Scottish wildlife heritage by learning about the animals that used to live here and the work being carried out to reintroduce creatures – such as the beaver – to Scotland.

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