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Generation Science Club

What is Generation Science?
Generation Science is a nationwide touring programme of curriculum-linked science and engineering workshops and shows which visits primary schools all over Scotland. It is the UK’s largest Science Technology Engineering and Maths (STEM) education outreach programme.

What is Generation Science Club?
​Generation Science Club exists as a network of individuals and companies dedicated to engaging the next generation in science and technology through financial support of the Generation Science programme. Funds raised from the Club are primarily used to support young people in areas of disadvantage.

We have recently introduced a number of new entry levels to the Generation Science Club Membership - starting at £250 for an individual member and £2,000 for a corporate membership. A full personal membership of £500 can allow up to 70 children to enjoy one of our curriculum linked shows and workshops and a corporate membership can allow us to visit eight different primary schools.

Browse the tabbed sections below to find out more about Generation Science and Generation Science Club including membership options and how you can join or gift a membership.

Why support Generation Science

Generation Science promotes curiosity and long term personal involvement in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) by taking world class science shows and workshops directly to primary schools. Each workshop or show is designed to lead pupils through a high-impact, memorable educational journey.

We visit all local authorities in Scotland, not just the major cities, bringing all the necessary equipment and a team of professional science communicators. Our workshop leaders and show performers are experienced presenters, trained in-house through our Science Communication Training Programme which is endorsed as a model of excellence by The Government Inspectorate.

Our staff have a genuine enthusiasm for science communication and outreach activities and this helps make Generation Science the kind of educational experience that can have a real impact on a young person’s attitude towards STEM.

Further information about Generation Science - including a video about the project, a copy of our latest programme, details of tour dates and listings for the individual workshops and shows - is available on our Generation Science webpage, click the link below to go to the page.

Find out more about Generation Science