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Edinburgh Science is committed to excelling in environmental sustainability and delivering our activities in a way that minimises any adverse impact on the environment.

You Can Help
We want you to help us in improving our environmental sustainability. Here are some ways you can help us to make your Science Festival visit as green as possible:

Many of our Festival venues are easily accessible on foot or by public transport. See our Greener Travel page for more information. 

Recycled Brochures
All brochures left at the end of the festival are recycled. You can help us by recycling your copy of our brochure when you are finished with it, by passing it to a friend or leaving it at one of our venues during the festival.

Use Our Website
You can go paperless by browsing a digital copy of the festival programme on our website. You can also book your tickets online and receive your tickets straight to your email address as e-tickets.