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Teacher Resources

Generation Science 

The Generation Science education experience doesn’t end when we leave the classroom, we also issue everyone who books one of our shows or workshops with a set of teachers notes. These resources have been specially developed to provide inspiration and ideas to further explore the science behind our activities.

Teachers notes are available to download within the Generation Science activity listings.



Live For It!

We also provide teachers notes for our Live For It! activities. These can be downloaded from the activity listings.

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• The British Nutrition Foundation 
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SciFive Teachers Offer

If you are a registered teacher then you’re entitled to tons of Edinburgh International Science Festival events for £5 or less with our brand new #SciFive offer!

The Science Festival is packed with brilliant workshops, discussions, performances and interactive activities and we want it accessible for anyone and everyone.

If you’re up for being entertained, informed, provoked and inspired then pick up our programme or go to: and get booking now! 

Simply insert the #SciFive code when you book tickets and come with ID to show your teacher status.

Don’t miss out! Sign up to the #SciFive mailing list to hear about exclusive offers first. 

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