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Science Festival Press Office

For any media queries please contact The Corner Shop PR at or call +44 (0)131 226 0014.

Accreditation and tickets

When will the 2018 Festival programme be announced?
The 2018 Festival dates are March 31–15 April 2018 and the Festival programme was launched on Wednesday 7 February.

How do I get tickets to events?
Please contact The Corner Shop PR on or call +44 (0)131 226 0014 and state where you are from, what you require access to, and tickets will be arranged. 

We recognise that many of our events are designed for children so please let us know if you want to bring your children or be guardian to a friend’s child to see how they enjoy and interact with the event. Please specify the child’s age so we can advise on the most suitable events.

Photography and Filming

How do I get photographs of events?

We have a library of high resolution Edinburgh International Science Festival images – please contact us for details.

We welcome freelance photographers but a press pass needs to be arranged in advance. Photocalls for specific events will be arranged daily, and an email invitation will be sent out to all registered photographers 24 hours in advance. If you wish to be added to this email list, please email us with your contact details.

How do I arrange interviews with scientists and participants?

Contact the Press Office with all requests to interview scientists, participants and staff at the 2018 Edinburgh International Science Festival.

Can I film or record events? 

This may be possible for some events, with the permission of the participants. Please contact us and we will do everything we can to facilitate your request.